Apparently, rosemary is all the rage. I am kind of the fence about the taste, personally. Is this an acquired taste? I just can't quite get over the bath product flavor to it...

However, I am in love with the idea of rosemary skewers. Aren't they pretty? I keep running across them, so I am guessing it is some kind of food trend.

These next two pics are from Cupcakes and Cutlery. Check her blog post here for this delicious shrimp recipe.

The Pioneer Woman also had a beautiful presentation of rosemary on her blog a few weeks ago.


Stalks Of Fresh Rosemary
Fresh Mozzarella Cheese, Cut Into 1-inch Cubes
Marinated Artichoke Hearts, Drained
Black Or Kalamata Olives, Drained
Salami, Sliced Thin And Folded Into Fourths
1/2 Cup Olive Oil
3 Tablespoons Balsamic Vinegar
Pinch Of Salt
Fresh Ground Black Pepper (lots!)
Sprinkle Of Ground Thyme
Preparation Instructions

Strip all but 1 to 2 inches of rosemary leaves from stems. (Leave leaves intact at the top of the stem.)
Use stem to spear cheese cubes, artichoke hearts, olives, and salami in whatever order you’d like.
Mix dressing ingredients until emulsified, then drizzle over the top of the skewers. Serve immediately or refrigerate for later.

And further proof that the world is telling me I must eat fries tonight at Smashburger - french fries tossed with rosemary, olive oil, garlic and other herbs.

I am getting there...


  1. Those french fries are the best! Will you e-mail me your address? I need to send it to Sweet Tea & Linen, so she can mail you your new table runner.

  2. Hi Katie,
    I just got your address from Lindsey. I will get your runner and napkin rings in the mail tomorrow. Thanks & have a spectacular day!

  3. Thanks for the mention!!! I personally LOVE rosemary and could eat it on just about everything. :) I am going to try the Pioneer Woman recipe too. I mean, cheese on a stick! Yum!


  4. Hi, Katie,
    I tried the rosemary-seasoned chicken spiedini at Macaroni Grill yesterday, and it was delicious. Plus, I think it was only 390 calories which is less than some Lean Cuisine dinners!!! Thanks for all the tips!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  5. Those fries look awesome. We are getting a Smashburger too! I just might have to partake in some.

  6. i've been wanting to try that PW recipe! giada also has a scrumptious looking rosemary strawberry scone i want to make. a bit of rosemarry in the dough, shaped into hearts and topped with strawberry jam. nom!

    i have seen recipes with root beer all summer. that's what the planet is telling me to eat. i've seen it in everything from baked beans to meet glazes. hmmm... -leah


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