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My sister emailed me some pics of Finley today and I had to share them because they are just too darn cute not to share. (I am an equal opportunity aunt, so I am going to share some of my niece Olivia today, too. Because really, they are also to darn cute not to share.)

This week Finley got her new winter coat. Poor baby, she is petite in height much like her mama and her aunt, so her new pea coat goes down to her little knees. The good news is I can hardly imagine it being cold here (100 degrees this weekend), so she definitely has some growth opportunities before this comes in handy.

Look, big sister in training! (No, Allison doesn't have any news...she's just practicing early.)

Sad Finley.

Happy Finley! That's better!

Now I wish I got to see little Olivia more often, but Facebook (Liv is quite a social networker), Skype and in person visits every couple of months will have to do. She is such a sweet, happy baby! Look at that face!!!

I especially love this pic of her. She just woke up. Now that is one happy baby!

Seriously, being an aunt is the most fun job ever. I get all of the glory and none of the back talk (ha!). Oh and buying tiny things for them is so fun. I think they love their Aunt Cake/KK, too!


  1. Katie,
    I can see why you would share those pictures . . . you have two beautiful little nieces!!! I love your captions on Finley's photos!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  2. Oh my word, what PRECIOUS girls!! Finley is growing too fast...she is stunning! I still cry fowl that she didn't win the Tulsa's Prettiest Baby contest.

  3. That pea coat is adorable! I love how she's just propped up against the wall. Like a little doll! :)

  4. Being an Aunt is the absolute best. My new niece is due to arrive this month!!!! :)


  5. Major thanks for the article. Fantastic.Pretty cute.


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