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Since I have been neglecting my Google Reader, I had the pleasure of going through 100+ blog posts tonight...and that is just from the last 2 days. Clearly I have too much time on my hands. But I thought I would bring you some of my fun finds.

The Party Dress posted this fantastic idea for your outdoor table from Sunset Magazine. Sadly, the weather in Tulsa will probably not allow for a party like this until October. I am sweltering here, people, sweltering. (I just kind of wanted to use that word.)
On the subject of parties, my friend Leah sent me a link to this fabulous blog, Hip Hip Hooray. There was a recent post on "parties in a box." I have been looking forever for a classy, no cheese party in a box and I have found the motherload. Check out Tin Parade. Is this not stunning decor?

I died laughing when I read HWTM today...I am in love with this collection of coasters, paper goods, etc. from Naughty Betty. I so concur with the following.

And, lastly, how have I just discovered Twilight? I am a reader. I love to read. I also love all things teeny bopper. Have I been living in Forks or something?

I want to start a book club just to talk about it, but I am apparently 3 years too late to party.


  1. Twilight? Oh, Katie....do yourself a favor and spare yourself. There is some tween crack laced in those pages that will get you addicted to that series faster than meth. I am not kidding. Unless you can abandon everything in your life to read all four books with a sad realization that the only breaks you will take is to look up "Team Jacob" shirts online, save yourself. And your marriage. And probably your job.

    Trust me.

    But, just in case....my babysitter has totally met RPatts and the cast and she will "totally let me go with her and her friends next time if I want."


    Love Live Team Jacob.

  2. Ummmm... secretly been thinking of joining the Twilight bandwagon lately. Haven't decided if I'll actually read the books (a girl has standards), but thought about renting all the movies at once for a marathon when Hubs is out of town.

    If you twist my arm I might be able to join your book club.. just sayin'.

  3. We can talk about Twilight tonight. I read it a long time ago, but thanks to the movies I'm still obsessed!

  4. I was thinking of reading them as well. I was shocked when my mom told me she was going to see the movie with a friend!!! She's read them all and seeing the movie!!! CRAZY. But the girl in post one has scared me...
    ~ iris

  5. Katie, the Twilight books suck you in and then you start comparing your husband to Edward - and he just can't compete with a vampire that knows what everyone is thinking and sparkles in sunlight. I am however Team Jacob after seeing Taylor Lautner's abs in the rain in the second movie (which is inappropriate since I'm 10 years older than him).


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