Catalog Living

The other day I was reading the Elements of Style Blog and I came across a blog called Catalog Living. Basically, it takes the pictures from a catalog and gives them captions and they are hilarious. For instance:

Just in case anyone doubted that Gary and Elaine valued books over television, Gary brought in the secondary book stool to drive the point home.

That didn't make you laugh? (Then you have NO sense of humor.) Try this:

We’re so happy you could visit! The room’s all made up for you, and I ripped out some pages of my favorite book and taped them to your wall in case you’re like me and enjoy reading before bed.

Ahh, enjoy! I will be spending my evening catching up on Monday's Bachelor. I still have not seen the Vienna/Jake drama. I don't know how I have lived these past two days. Gasp!


  1. My sister just told me to check this blog out today. Great minds think alike! It is hilarious!!

  2. I came across this blog a few days ago! Crazy! Oh, that Gary and Elaine, they're wild ones.

  3. Love that site!!

    I just posted a blog award for you on my blog.

  4. OMG, this blog cracks me up. I was laughing so hard at some of them that I was crying.

    Katie Ernzen

  5. This is too funny! Guess what??? You are the winner of my giveaway for the burlap table runner! Send me an e-mail to claim your prize:


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