Weekend Favorite

Right now, I am checking my blogs and drinking my coffee and I have to tell you guys, this coffee is good. (At least to my very unsophisticated coffee palate.) Now, I cannot vouch for the other flavors, but Seattle's Best Cinnabon hands down beats my previous favorite home coffee, Dunkin Donuts. I have only been able to find it at the Walmart Super Center (and I have tried Target and the Walmart Neighborhood Market), but you must go try some today. (I should get paid for these endorsements.)

Now, let's talk about pairings. Since I am basically a frou-frou coffee drinker, (three splendas, please) I love me some creamer. I especially love the International Delights White Chocolate Mocha flavor, but just bought the Skinny Vanilla Latte and it is pretty darn good, too.

And though I am not eating the above treat, seriously, it would be amazing with coffee. I cannot imagine two things I love more combined, brownies AND cookies! Hello! Go check out the recipe on Bakerella's blog and please bring some over this afternoon. Hugs and Kisses, Katie


  1. coconut creamer is the BEST out there. I used to be a starbucks latte girl (everyday) but now I brew my own and add the coconut creamer and actually prefer this over the lattes. Now it also helps that I can't have dairy currently, and the creamer is dairy free... but still, it's delish, you must try it!

  2. I'll have to try the Seattle's Best, I've heard it's good. You know it's a subsidiary of
    Starbucks...very interesting.


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