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I made a new internet friend a few weeks ago when Christina of The Subfertile Frugalista found my blog when looking for ideas for her baby Wren's bird themed baby room. Well, she liked me so much she listed me as one of her favorite blogs for a "blog award." I love being popular.

Here are the rules:
1. Thank whoever gave you the award. Thanks, Christina! Love your blog! You are so funny and entertaining to read! So glad you found me, so that I could find you!
2. Tell 7 things about yourself that readers may not know.
3. Pay it forward by nominating 10 bloggers you’ve recently discovered.

So here are my 7 things:

1- I eat dessert after every meal. Not kidding.

2- My dessert may or may not consist of icing straight from the fridge, raw cookie dough or batter straight from the box.

3- I still watch the Real World. And I have never missed a season. (This is normal, right? People are still watching this show....)

4- At Target I avoid returns or really interaction with employees because I don't want them to make me mad. I love Target so much that I cannot risk them making me so upset that I boycott the store.

5- I go to Target at least once a week....and that's a "good" week. I have been known to go daily. I have also been to Targets in several states...just to make sure I don't miss anything. (Just for the record, this is only when I am visiting the states for other purposes...)

6- I have been to the Oprah show and after that was pretty much over her. Before I went I had watched every single episode for three straight years, got Oprah alerts on my email and knew every fact about her. I think it is best to never meet your "idol."

7- I am on a panel for HGTV/Food Network where I am invited to watch shows and give feedback on products before anyone else sees them. Not really sure how I got involved in this non-paying gig (I am sure I signed up somewhere). I am kind of a big deal. :)

I am passing my award forward and would love for you guys to go and meet my other virtual/in real life friends!

1 - Lindsey of Sweet Simplicity - Love her blog! She is also from Tulsa and is so fun to read. I have never met her in real life, but hope to soon!

2- Aja of It's a Strange and Lovely Ride - Aja and I are friends IRL and she is as funny as she is beautiful! I am sure she will have some very interesting little known facts.

3- Jane of The Franzia Files - This is basically my ploy to get Janie to do a blog post. We were college roommates and I cannot begin to tell you how funny she is. Seriously, funniest friend ever.

4- Andrea of J&A and Co. - She has the cutest blog and most adorable children! I love her great advice, too!

5- Sarah of Life {Sweet} Life - The funny thing is I have "known" Sarah for 5 or so years. However, we have never met in real life. She has a great writing style, is so crafty and is equally funny. You will love her blog!

6- Ashley of Ashley & Ken - I love reading Ashley's blog. We have a ton of similar interests and she loves a good party and fun finds!

7 - Brooklyn of Knowing Only a Few Things - I just found her blog and have loved reading about her pregnancy journey.

Okay, now you guys fill me in on your little known facts!


  1. Great post, Katie!!! You deserve many more awards!!! I love everything you blog about, and I am one of your most loyal fans!!
    Love, Aunt Angie
    P.S. I didn't know any of those seven things about you - except #6.

  2. Thank you so much for mentioning me, and number 7...My lucky number! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog too, and it is one of my every-single-day must haves! CONGRATS!

  3. I have the same feelings for Target. I travel often for work and always check out where the local Target is and if they have a Francesca's or a LOFT...I like to see if they have different things in different states.

    Also, I watch the Real World, but not every single season. It makes me feel old. However, we love the RW/RR challenges and never miss one of those!

  4. I can't believe you still watch the Real World ;-) I feel too old to watch it - all the binge drinking and immature fighting gets on my nerves! Congrats on your award that is fun!

  5. Thanks lady! We do need to get together soon!

  6. Woo hoo, thanks Katie! I also am a Target stalker, but I think that's why we're friends... ;)

  7. I agree completely with the Oprah part ~ it was the after the show that did it for me ~ I no longer watch the show or get Oprah alerts. She was a big dissappointment.

    Once a week for Target ~ that's good self-control! I admit I go at least 2x....sometimes 3 or even 4...a week. Darn kiddos and their soy milk!

    Love reading your blogs! Where do you find the time?

  8. Thanks for the shout out! I was at my parents this weekend and went to Wal-Mart just so I would appreciate Target more when I got home. I love that Target lets me make returns with no questions - because I don't really want to explain that I just realized I'm no longer a small after buying all these new pajamas.


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