Pretty much a winner!

Ever since I have entered the blogging world, I have somehow become quite the contest winner. I was so excited to see I had won this adorable, fantastic table runner from one of my favorite blogs, Sweet Simplicity's Giveaway Blog. Check out her blog here and here giveaway blog here. You will love her!
The table runner was made by Sweet Tea and Linens. (Check out their adorable pillows, too.) I cannot wait to have a summer party!


  1. OOH I love it! I meant to enter the giveaway-sure it darling! Can't wait to borrow it :) Love you!

  2. Maybe you should change your middle name to Lucky!

  3. This will be so perfect for you since you love entertaining!

  4. JEALOUS! I didn't get a chance to enter in the giveaway either, but I really want it.

    Thanks for comment on the party! So much fun planning :)


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