All the great ideas are always taken....

I have been saying for YEARS that diapers should be cuter. I have actually had a minor obsession with this. Odd, considering I have no children or any on the way. I just couldn't understand why (at least for an infant) they couldn't make cuter diapers. People put the little bloomers over them to cover them up, why not make the diapers look like bloomers? This was so obvious to me. I could be a millionaire now. Instead Cynthia Rowley and Huggies are.

Target will be carrying these Cynthia Rowley diapers later this month. I mean madras, people! Granted...they are a little pricey, but I am sure they would make a cute shower gift or be fun for when your little person has a special occasion. (Not sure exactly what that would be...)

And, of course, Huggies beat Target/Cynthia Rowley to the punch with their denim diapers.

I looked for some this weekend to bring to a baby shower and Target was sold out. Clearly, my ideas are brilliant. To bad no one is paying me for them.


  1. Ha! I couldn't agree more...and I am about to have one of these little people crawling around in Elmo diapers. Thanks for letting me know about this! Also, given that the majority of diapers aren't cute, diaper covers are so important! Some very cute ones are at I haven't ordered any yet (as they are a bit pricey), but I plan to for some first pics of the new one. :) Great post!

  2. What a GREAT idea! :) Madras is way cuter than denim diapers!


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