Vampire Update

Thanks everyone for the Twilight enlightenment. I am glad to know that this is actually a series plot and I am not a freak for wondering if vampires can, in fact, have children.

I was trying to explain this post today to someone who has never read the series...I think they thought I was out of my mind.

This weekend, I will be watching the first Twilight Movie! Maybe when the Eclipse comes out in October I will have a watch party at my house. All of you who said you would love to come will be on my invite list :)!


  1. You know how the book is always better than the movie? Well, this doesn't really apply here. I mean, the story is the same (as it usually is) but everyone looks green. Literally green. It's kind of annoying. But other than that, it is exactly what you think it will be....

    Oh, and Bella looks totally constipated. To the extreme. Like Metamucil should send her many monies and ask her to be their spokesperson.

    And Jacob isn't hot yet.



  2. Can I come watch with you??

    Posting this under Anonymous to hide my shame. But seriously, I think I'm ready to watch.

    Your friend that lives not far from you. Now. And is knocked up. And likes to talk about bfeeding in front of you to see you squirm. Hope you know who I am.


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