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Prepare yourself for Deep Thoughts with Twilight's newest fan.

I am now reading Twilight: New Moon. I am only on Chapter 4, Bella's birthday, and I have to admit she is kind of bugging me with the whole "I am so old. I am 18. I am one year older than Edward." Waah. Wait until you hit 30, sister. That's all I have to say.

Okay, but it got me thinking, can vampires have babies? (You know, if they were real and all?) Is this answered in an upcoming book? Would the vampire be the dominant gene? Betsy, do you still read this? I need answers.

Since I don't want this to be totally lame, I will include this fabulous Twilight party featured on Hostess with the Mostess. I totally need to have one. I wonder if I could get anyone to come or am I about 4 years too late to the theoretical Twilight party?


  1. As far as vampires having babies, that is answered in future books. You really are late with this,but better late than never. Cute party theme. Don't you love what happened at Bella's birthday party? love, mom

  2. You have ventured down a dark, dark path my friend..


  3. The last book, Breaking Dawn, will answer your questions. Keep reading, they are so good! Rhiana

  4. Oh Katie, Katie, Katie, you are late with this, but I was too. I just read the books this past January. Once you start, you can't stop, even with Bella being super annoying (she just gets worse). I read the books purely for Edward! All of your questions will be answered, and yes, I would attend your Twilight party all the way from Kansas City!

    Katie Ernzen

  5. Just keep reading my friend! You don't want any spoilers. You know I would come to a Twilight themed party!

  6. Lord. Have. Mercy.

    I remembered the day my life got sucked in to the Twilight series......

    It was a Tuesday....


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