You guys are going to be so sick of me and my Europe trip (that is if you are even still reading this...) by the time I am finished filling you in. But, hey, I am sure I won't be going back anytime soon. So, I will be back to my regularly scheduled programming in no time.

One of my favorite things about my trip was the marketplatz (one of only about 15 German words I know) in each town. I love to see the fresh flowers. And the bread. And the cheese. And, really anything that you can eat.

We picked up some fresh flowers on our last day for our lovely hosts. My mother-in-law's cousin's graciously fed us (fabulous food, at that) and let us stay for 3 nights.

The finished product. Not my best work. But, still it was fun!

I mean look at all these flowers. Don't you just want to buy them all??

And, the pretzels. Have I told you how I love pretzels? (Especially Auntie Anne's in the mall....)
Cheese. Have I told you how I love cheese?

As I am sure you are just dying for more pics...I will share more tomorrow.


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