I love when I come across a design that just "fits" my personality/design aesthetic. My friend Andrea sent me a link to Hoot Design Co. and I love, love, love their collection.

I have a crush on their Simply Baby prints that are personalized for each recipient.

I also love their twist on the traditional holiday card.

Hmmm...I will have to start thinking of my 2010 milestones - so far: Moving, A new niece and nephew, and that is about all I 've got....


  1. I can think of another milestone for you....

    ::::points to current baby-riddled post::::

  2. Oh, Jane, do you know something I don't know? :)

  3. Well, my milestone is currently sleeping upstairs after he has been stressing to me about what his back pack/ monogrammed lunch sack will look like for Mother's Day Out. And if he doesn't get off my back about what he is going to wear the first day-geez! Does a 13 month old really need to figure out what outfit says "I care about my appearance but am not totally into my appearance that I want to put the other toddlers off"? It takes a village. That is all I can takes a village.

    And, Katie, Pudge was telling Jock (who told me) some things about your family planning. All I'm sayin'. The hounds don't lie. Of course, Carter and Charlie can't be trusted....


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