All Boy Baby Shower

Yesterday, I helped throw my friend, Iris, a baby shower. I had so much fun working with Iris' family to put the shower together. I thought I was sort of creative....let's just say I have nothing on them!

Here is a picture of Iris' baby decor. I love it. It is simple, not overly baby, but still has great colors and style. This was our inspiration for the shower colors and decor (note the pictures in the background. You can see them up close here.)

I made the invites to match her wall art. (For those of you who know Iris, the invite did go out with her real last name and the real address, however, no one is asking for the fame that this blog brings. Ha!)

The back of the invites matched her rug.

When guests walked in they were greeted with a picture that Tracy had matted and framed with the shower invitation for guests to sign.
Aunt Mary made (yes, repeat - hand made) each of these favor boxes for the guests. She also made each truffle that went into them. (You can get the template here.)

Seriously, have you ever seen a cuter favor box? I think not.

Really, this is the only other thing I can take credit for -- the traditional banner. And really I have to give half the credit to my cricut and to my mom. They both helped tremendously.

Even the silverware matched the theme. (Look at that cute scooter, too! All Mary.)

The little monkey is sitting on a trike. See, we really carried that theme...

I ordered another cheesecake from my cheesecake guy (that is a whole other post). This one is a Greek appetizer cheesecake. Iris and Matt went to Greece last year, so I thought that would be appropriate.

Mary also handmade every cupcake. Aren't these beautiful? Especially the extra touch of the mint leaf and raspberry.

Mary also picked up this wagon as a serving piece. Such a good idea!

This is the mom-to-be and me. She looks so cute! Seriously, people could confuse us as sisters if she was not a good 9" taller than me. It is the weirdest thing, we have such similar tastes that we will go to each others homes only to realize we have bought the exact same accessory or are wearing the exact same jeans (well, hers are long and leans and mine are definitely ankle length and we both love Target, but still).
And, finally, is my favorite gift Iris got. This gift basket was from the talented and very creative, Mary. It is a Bon Appetit basket with everything Iris will need for feeding the still unamed baby (Iris, for real, you are killing me).
Even the detail that went into this is incredible. The box is a shoe box that Mary covered inside and out and trimmed with ribbon. She also made that adorable banner.
And she made this chef's hat for the stuffed bear! Yes, you guys, made it!

It really was a fun time and we had so much fun planning. Now I just need to find another friend to have a baby...Megan? ; )


  1. Everything about the shower was adorable!!! You and Mary (and your other hostesses) did an incredible job!!! Thanks for sharing your creativity.
    Love, Aunt Angie

  2. I LOVE everything about this!! You guys did an incredible job! The wagon favor boxes are TO DIE!!! I have already downloaded the template.

    Great work!!

  3. Yikes!! I'll have one when you have one...ha ha ha ;-)

    P.S. Everything was super cute. Gave me some ideas for Addie's baby boy shower.

  4. I couldn't be more blessed to have a great friend like you Katie!!! You all did a wonderful job. So glad to have such talented friends and family.
    I can't wait to return the favor... any ideas of how long I will have wait???
    Love Ya, Iris

  5. I love love.. did I mention LOVE this idea. I want to steal your idea of the favors. Can you please explain :)

  6. oOO nevermind :) I totally missed the template.


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