I am truly an inspiration

Remember those adorable witch cookies I featured on my blog last month? Well, a reader (okay, so it is my aunt, but still...she reads my blog religiously) happened to use that idea and made these cookies with her grandkids. They turned out so cute!

It is such a perfect project for kids. They can be very involved and reap the rewards of their hard work. (I want to be a grandparent. Wouldn't this be fun?)

My aunt has the cutest grandchildren and I have the cutest cousins!

The good news is -- I now know I can do this too. (At least I hope.)

Another reader, my friend Stephanie, was inspired to make these cute glitter pumpkins after seeing my post on pumpkins from around the web. I love, love, love the way these turned out. I also was so inspired by that picture that I bought all of the supplies to make a glitter pumpkin -- a month ago. Oddly, it still has not happened yet. I will get on that this weekend.

Since I have inspired so many people to try new things, I am hoping I can inspire someone to try this Sizzling Bacon Bar from Chistopher Michael Chocolatiers:
It is a chocolate bar, with bacon, sea salt and finished off with pop rocks. Anyone? Bueller? I am so seriously intrigued that I would try it myself except that I don't eat bacon. I would definitely try a sizzling turkey bacon bar. I bet that one is next on the menu.

And this last picture has nothing to do with this post. However, I laughed out loud when my mom sent this to me, so I had to share:

Thanks for reading you all! Please keep sending me your project pics! I love to see that someone is actually reading this!


  1. You truly are an inspiration. Thanks, Katie, for all the great ideas!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  2. I made the blog - yay! Thanks again for the great idea. I made glitter pumpkins for my mom & sister, too. They loved them!

  3. You are so funny! Of course you're an inspiration silly girl. :) And I love the picture of the lights...gives me an idea for this year! :)

  4. Holy cow. Bacon and salt bar? I think Luke just fell in love.

  5. I am so the "ditto" house....it's not even funny! (Dwayne will love that idea! hee hee) Didn't get around to making the witch cookies this year, b/c your cuz and I are on Trainer Blake & Kelli's "healthy lifestyle alternative diets" and taking their fitness classes, and let's just say that the cookies would not be on the list of approved foods. However, we did roast pumpkin seeds with the kiddos and I felt very "Martha" doing that! Ha! Thanks for all the great ideas though...I am cataloging them for future use! Love you guys! jennifer


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