Quick Recap

Hi guys! I just got back late last night from Napa and have been running around like a crazy person all day. So, I will share some sneak peeks from my trip and promise a good post tomorrow night.

First, in exciting news -- I am going to have another nephew! Max is going to have a little brother. I am so excited to have two nieces (well, soon to be two nieces - Tori still has a few weeks to go) and two nephews. (And this will be the expression on his face once he fully understands he is going to have some competition ; )
Highlight of my trip: waking up to see this little pumpkin every morning. Isn't she just beautiful? I think she might be a baby supermodel someday. Most likely a short one...

Lovely scenery...
Loved this olive oil tasting room and shop.

Had lunch at the CIA. That would the Culinary Institute of America.

Just for the record - never wear heels while touring a winery, unless you never want to feel your feet again. Then go for it.

More later. XOXO!


  1. Funny you should say that...saw your beautiful pictures on FB and wondered about your cool footwear. They were great boots (I did notice!) but I thought, wow, those heels would kill me anymore!!! Looks like you guys all had a fun time in Napa (I'm so jealous!!) and I'm glad. Finley is adorable as usual, and those chocolate cups of dessert were spectacular (please tell me you had one). Can't wait to hear more about it! love, Jennifer
    ps - congrats on becoming an "aunt" again! what a cute bunch of nieces and nephews you have up there!

  2. Sitting in Palo Alto, CA as we speak!! I'll take your advice when we hit Napa!! I could DIE at the adorableness of your nephew and niece!! Finley doesn't know it yet but she is betrothed to my Samuel!!

    The pic of you and Tommy is cute!! Give Pudge and Carter kisses for me!!


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