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I am channeling my inner Oprah tonight. I am participating in 320 Sycamore's Favorite Things Blog Party. (Do you know how hard it is to come up with your favorite things? Well, it is really hard. Take my word for it.) I hope to bring you more of these type of posts over the holiday season. I just have to remember things I like. My cousin, Jennifer, also had this great idea, too. So, I have to give her a shout out.

Love, love, love my Starbucks mug. Actually, this one is Tommy's. Mine looks like the more traditional white paper one. However, since I think Starbucks is severely cutting back on their inventory you might have to settle for a holiday one year round. You know, the early bird gets the worm.
And, as an accompaniment, you must try Coffee-Mates full line of seasonal flavors. As a special treat, here is a dollar off coupon.

I love Harry and David's Coffee. (I thought about doing a whole morning favorite things post, but I am just not that into mornings so this is as far as I got.) Right outside of Dallas they have an outlet store and we usually get a bag or two. My mother in law LOVES the Tiramisu Coffee, which they also have in decaf.

Have I told you guys I now am the proud owner of two headbands? Iris gave me one this weekend. I am sooo Blair Waldorf. Only nice. And not that young.

I could not have a Favorite Things post without mentioning paper products. You know I am obsessed. I won these a few months ago from Polka Dot Design and I love them.

This is going to be the only book I feature today because I could fill 9 blog posts with my book favorites. But I heart the Shopaholic series. Maybe one day I will start a book club. Or not. I am probably the only person who has only two genres that they read: Chick Lit and Business Books. I also have a freaky obsession with magazines. I subscribe to 8 of them, but these are my two favorites:

And since I am a 30 year old living in a 16 year old's body, I could not post my favorite things without Gossip Girl. There is nothing like catching up with the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite.

This goes without saying:
And a great family series is Dexter. Well, only if your family is made up of entirely adults.

Let me know your favorite things. You know I need all the help I can get to bring you content. I will post more soon. XOXO - Katie


  1. the peppermint mocha creamer is a must in our house during the holidays -- as well as the gingerbread and egg nog - i love 'em! and we end up with at least one christmas starbucks mug each christmas as a gift -- it's our tradition to trade them out on the shelf with the regular mugs right after halloween - does give me a good holiday feeling to use the christmas mugs in the morning.

  2. I love GG.That stationery is fab! I'm obsessed with paper products.

  3. I had a hard time making my list, too. And I know what you mean about the magazines--I have a serious addiction. When those kids come around selling subscriptions, watch out! Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you'll come again.

  4. Here is my list!!!
    1. Non-fat chia latte (starbucks or make my own at home… must have battery operated whisk)
    2. Tall socks, tights, or leggings
    3. White chocolate (any kind, in anything)
    4. My iphone
    5. Personalized or monogram items (paper, linens, jewelry)
    6. Candles (current favorite Bath and Body fresh balsam)
    7. My electric red tea kettle
    8. Pandora bead bracelet
    9. Fontani Nativity (collecting new pieces each year)
    10. Scarves / pashminas

    This was a fun idea... Can't wait for others to share!

  5. Thank you for that great list. I too love Real Simple and my Starbucks mug...which I just broke!


  6. Great list! So glad to know there are other not-so-young lovers of Gossip Girl and that my obsession with magazines isn't unhealthy. Ha! I'm actually ASKING for subcriptions this year to save my pocketbook the monthly expense. Love the blog!

  7. Thanks for the shout-out! I'm famous! (or...maybe semi-famous.) And I look forward to the continuation of the "Favorite Things" lists! Here are some of my favs this Christmas season (and yes, even though the list trends "young", I really am a married, 32 year old mother of 2 small children!!!):
    1. Black Ugg tall boots - have them in the traditional brown, and begging for black this year from Santa....wonder if he has my size!
    2. Remaining 2 Jen Lancaster books that I have not read yet (and thank you to the fabulous Katie DeFatta Segner for turning me on to these - hilarious. Truly laugh-out-loud bore your husband by reading segments to him FUNNY STUFF!!!)
    3. Some capri length black leggings and a tunic length sweater to go over them (and a way to shave off at least 10 lbs during the holidays in order to pull this look off! Any suggestions appreciated....)
    4. DVDs of Entourage (for after the kids are in bed...gotta love those Ari Gold one-liners)
    5. Spa gift certificate - desperately in need of manicure, pedicure, and massage. The mommyhood is rough on personal care. 'Nuff said.
    Happy Shopping!
    love, Jennifer

  8. Oooh, thanks for the creamer coupon! I don't drink coffee, but we use it in cocoa and oatmeal :) Cute, cute headband and we love the Office here too. Dwight is my favorite...did you see last nights where Michael promised that the company would be saved and then bailed? So funny.

  9. *lol* On the Dexter comment. I watch it too. You can't help but get sucked in.

  10. I love love love Eggnog creamer. I also love Kona coffee and pretty much any fiction book. :) I also LOVE your stationary!

  11. So this is a bit off topic from your other comments but my favorite, favorite items as a parent to an almost 3 year old is the Good Nite Lite! All parents of little ones should definitely know about it. A moon turns on at the set time helping little ones know it is bedtime and then it changes to a sunshine at the set time in the morning. It really helps because they are too little to read a clock and have no concept of time. Check it out at!!

    Love, Ann


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