These are a few of my friend's favorite things!

Um, totally loving the comments with everyone's favorite things. So, I thought I would share some of my faves of their faves. Got that?

I have mentioned my friend Iris on here a few times. She has the best taste. She also wears headbands and watches Gossip Girl. Really, how could we not click? She shared some of her favorite things with me and I wanted to share with you all. And because Iris wasn't super specific, I have interpreted what I thought she would like. We are basically the same person. Only she is 11" taller.

Iris is a huge fan of all things white chocolate. Honestly, I am not a huge white chocolate fan myself, though, I do love my white chocolate mocha from Starbucks. However, I had the best peppermint bark the other day and could not leave you guys out in the cold. Go to Walgreens. Buy yourself some Ghiradelli Peppermint Bark. I swear you will not be disappointed. Bonus points if you melt it in your hot chocolate.

Another one of Iris' favorites was monogrammed anything, including jewelry. Have you guys visited the Vintage Pearl yet? OMG. She has the best stuff and she is located right her in Tulsa. I am apparently in her target market because I have seen her featured on The Pioneer Woman, 918 Moms and in the Tulsa World all in the past week.

Confession: I have an artificial tree. I am obsessed, though, with the smell of real ones. So, I would totally be in the market for Iris' favorite candle - Balsam from Bath and Body Works.
Iris also mentioned her Fontanini nativity scene. Each year she gets a new piece to add to her collection. I have honestly never heard of the brand, so I wanted to share. It is really pretty and delicate. I love how natural it is. I have the Willow Tree nativity scene, which I love. However, Tommy finds it scary that they don't have faces. I guess I should have consulted with Iris on what to buy first.

Lastly, as a scarf lover myself, I had to agree that it is definitely a favorite thing/must have this winter. I love this ruffly scarf that I came across on Cosmic Pluto Knits. Unfortunately, this is for someone a little craftier than myself. But I am sure I can find it in a lovely retail location near me....right?

Tomorrow I will bring you guys more of your favorite things. I am also going to have my sister write a special guest post on her favorite baby things for you all that will be coming soon, too. XOXO - Katie


  1. LOVE the scarf!
    I will be purchasing some peppermint bark asap.
    Erin at the Vintage Pearl is so nice. She takes amazing photos and did a session of me and the hubs.


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