You know my obsession with miniatures....

Well, I also have a love for all things over sized. Well, imagine to my delight when my Food Network Magazine had an entire feature on all things giant.

As a huge Gummy Bear lover, I truly appreciate these Giant Gummy Bears from Vat 19 (really cool website, too). This World's Giant Gummy Bear is the equivalent to 1,400 normal Gummy's and packs a whopping 12,000 calories. Ouch.

If you still want to get your giant Gummy on a diet (and a budget), you can still amuse all of your friends with this 4" Gummy Bear on a stick. It is equivalent to 88 Gummys. So, much better for your waistline.

Can you imagine how impressed your friends would be with your homemade Rice Krispie Treats this year?
Thanks to NetFoodie for this photo. They also have a great review on the candy, too.

FoodBeast provided us with this great comparison of the giant Cheeto. I think I am in love.

Let me know if you guys have any other fun mini or giant finds. I am all over it.


  1. Katie you crack me up! But I cannot get on board with the giant Gummi bear... needless to say I don't think Matt, Iris, Becca or Nick will find one in their stocking this year! I do love your blog tho... thanks again for all your hard work on Iris' shower


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