2 birds, 1 stone

My mom and I have been looking for ideas for place cards for our Thanksgiving meal this year. So, I decided to share my finds with you guys. Just so you know, good place card ideas are hard to come by. I am really doing you all a huge favor. (I am such a martyr.)

I love these from Timeless Paper they are $25 for 25. They have a lot of really cute and clever designs.

I especially love this from Fairyfolk - $30 for 10. The fun part about these is that the acorn could be saved and used as an ornament for the tree. I love the idea of having a momento from an event that you can use year-after-year.
These little boxes from Paper Acorn -$14 for 4 - are so clever. A little pricey, but would be so cute. You could put a little gift in them!

This idea from Happy Thanksgiving is really cute and very doable...even if the thought of doing a craft gives you hives.
I got this idea from aParently Speaking. Obviously this is a favorite of mine...it is a miniature and has flowers. It was like this was made just for me.
If you guys come across any fun (and easy) place card ideas, send them my way.


  1. Awww, glad you liked ours -- LOVED yours!
    aParently Speaking


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