What else I have been up to...

You guys all know I am a big supporter of Habitat. Well, we have our gala coming up in the Spring and I have been working on the marketing materials for them.

Here are the save the dates:

Jane, the Development Director, had a great idea for the fundraising letters to be put on a letterhead that matches the theme. I think they are very eye catching. (If I do so say so myself.)

Fortunately, I am on the marketing and decorating team. There is a whole team for getting items for donation. I would rather get a flu shot once a week than be on that team (this is saying a lot -- my arm hurt for days after my shot this year).
For those of you guys who don't know me well, I am the girl who would make my sister sell the World's Finest Chocolate Bars for me. And ask for the candy on Halloween. I know---what is the worst they can say? No? Oooh, but that is so scary!!! The funny thing is that I don't consider myself a wallflower, shy or too terribly afraid of rejection. Hmmm...any psychologists out there?
Anyway, for those of my readers who have a small business or work for a business that might have something to donate to the live or silent auction for our gala, I would love you forever. For those of you that would love to come to this fun event (or donate an item), you can email our director, Jane, at jdunbar@habitat-tulsa.org.
I have been working on a few other projects, too. So, I will keep you guys posted! XOXO


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