Easy cookies

So last week I brought you an easy turtle recipe, this week I bring you an easy cookie recipe!

I found this cute idea over at Let's Entertain (cute blog!) who found this idea in Southern Living.

All you need is a fudge striped cookie, a chocolate kiss and a tube of decorating frosting. Adhere your kiss to the cookie with a dot of frosting and then make a little bow. Super easy and cute.

Someone try this and let me know how it turns out! Because who are we kidding...this might be too difficult for me ; ).


  1. what a great idea!! i love that its pretty much premade, and i would only have to dot the icing!

  2. Kate--you could totally do this! Cute cute!

  3. Super cute! I could possibly do this. I'm not the greatest with frosting though so it could end up looking a little funky...


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