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You guys, online there are THE cutest Halloween ideas. Too bad I am just not that into Halloween. I think it is the dressing up.

Halloween fan or not, I can still bring you guys the cuteness.

First, stop on over to Everyday Celebrating. She has really easy directions on how to make these adorable ghost cookies. Basically take nutter butters, dip them into melted white chocolate, and use tiny chocolate chips for the eyes. Cuteness!

photo credit: Taste of Home

Also featured on Everyday Celebrating are cupcake covers from Etsy shop SugarRobot. Hello, these are freaking brilliant. Make your cupcakes, add frosting and then stick these fondant characters on top. Another, why didn't I think of that? Well, not really. I would just rather buy these.

Next stop: Celebrations at Home. Today she has a montage of adorable pumpkin ideas. I love these with the vinyl stickers. So clever.
Mom, wouldn't these be such a fun project? I love the ones with the ribbon and sequins. I would have the most glam pumpkins ever.
I found these adorable pumpkins embellished with upholstery tacks on Let's Entertain. Find full directions at My Home Ideas.
Lastly, check out Not Martha for some very clever (and easy) Halloween treats that are sure to trick any kid! She gives full directions on her site on how to make these!

So, if any of you guys do these you must show me your final project!


  1. I am a totally Nutter Butter fan...must try the first ones for sure!! Cute ideas :)

  2. I always do glitter pumpkins, I love them, I usually only do the small ones and maybe 1 big one but the smaller are easier and not near as messy as the others! I also do OU glitter pumpkins! Such fun!

  3. Just found your blog... definitely adding you to my blog reader!


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