Flowers Uncut

There is this new TLC Show on, Flowers Uncut. I am not sure if you guys have caught it yet, but I have been wondering for years (okay, since the dawn of reality TV) why there was not a reality floral show. The floral designer is Jeff Leatham, designer to the stars, and the show follows him on his "introduction" to New York City. Apparently, he has been designing in Europe and is now in the US to take over the Big Apple.

I like the premise of the show (poor Jeff is a little stiff when it comes to the on-camera interviews, but then again, he is a florist, not an actor) and his work is absolutely incredible. First, I wish when I did flowers I had this kind of budget. Second, I would LOVE to work with him for a day. Here are some pics:

These first two are from Eva Longoria's wedding. Wow. (Image credit Jeff Leatham via Be Imbued.)

These are some of the designs on TLC's site. The floating flowers are absolutely stunning. (Photo Credit: Heather Swanson DCL)

Can you imagine the budget for these? I was stressed over tiny weddings we did...I can only imagine how stressful this is to coordinate.

You can catch the show on TLC and I honestly cannot tell you what time it is on...I tried to look up the schedule here. Can anyone make out a regular time for the show? I guess just set your Tivo!


  1. So fun! Thanks for adding another show to my dvr list :)


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