Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oklahoma Sugar Art Show

Two of my most favorite events are held every fall. One, is the Oklahoma Sugar Art Show at the Fair and the other is Pet Costume Contest at the Boo Ha Ha parade around Halloween. Trust me, I will totally have pics after that too.

On Saturday, Allison, Andrea, Baby Addison and I went to the Tulsa State Fair to see the beautiful cakes that people from all over the US enter into our prestigious Sugar Art Show. These are some of my favorites!

This one is the Mona Lisa painted in icing. Isn't that amazing???
You know I love miniatures and then items that are super sized. This fits the bill of the latter. And, it is so cute!
I think this is technically just fondant, but the designer rolled it to look like a onesie and packaged it to look like a present. Precious!
This sushi looks so real. I wish I could do this! Unfortunately, I tried to take cake decorating with my mom and we HATED it! We did not have the patience, tried to cut class, ugh. I will leave cake decorating to the pros!
This is Baby Addison. Is she not darling??? I have never been around a baby that got so many compliments in my life. People would stop, smile, point and talk about how cute she is. One woman even took a picture of her! How funny is that?
We documented her first fair experience well! She was dressed up for the OSU game that day too. Go Pokes!
This is one of the entrants into the main Sugar Art competition. It was stunning. The theme this year was The Language of Flowers. And, you know I love flowers!
You can't really see the details on these cookies, but they were absolutely beautiful. They were all "fashioned" after designer wedding gowns.
This cake was also in the main competition. The detail in this cake was amazing. I am not sure if it was crooked, probably not, I am sure it was just my picture taking.

I loved this design on this cake. It would be pretty for a party, a wedding or an event.
I love seeing art like this. It is so beautiful and inspiring! Makes me want to create something!

Monday, September 29, 2008

OMG 2 Cute. I may DIE!!

Check out Hope's blog with the pictures of the business cards I designed for her! I was inspired by the unique cards that I have posted about here and thought "greeting card" business cards for a stationery designer would be the perfect card! I am very excited about them!! Also, special thanks to a friend of hers, Machelle Moody, who professionally photographed these. I am in love!
PS - I got an email from Catherine today and Sage is opening this week for business. Check out her site for party and class details!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fun Stuff...

Yesterday Allison, Andrea, Baby Addison & I went to the fair and went to the Sugar Art show! Unfortunately, my camera quit working, but fingers crossed that Sony cannot fix it and I can get a new one! Anyway, we took pictures with Allison's camera, so I will be sure to post some of the amazing creations tomorrow when she uploads them.

But, while I was out yesterday I somehow talked Tommy into going to Michael's and Martha Stewart has some of the cutest Halloween decorations!

This adorable vintage Halloween banner retails for only $6.99! And, you can reuse it. So cute!She also has some awesome party invitations. There are at least three varieties to purchase...one of which is a box mailer and has a "reminder finger" in it. I decided today if I have to dress up for Halloween, I totally know what I will be going as! --- In glasses and with my pulled back I have a strong resemblance to Sarah Palin. Not sure if that is good or bad. But, whatever, it will make for a very easy costume!
I love easy cake decorating...I will post more about my cake decorating experience with my pictures from the Sugar Art Show. Lets just say it was a disaster. But, this looks very simple. Bake a cake, use a template and sprinkle powdered sugar on top. Very professional!
You know how I love a window cling...MS also has a skeleton, witch, ghost and more bats!
Now these were absolutely adorable. You put these "toxic" labels over wine bottle label to make a custom "brew." MS also carries cute labels that say "poison, beware, etc..." to place on your cups to customize them.
All this makes me want to have a party. Too bad I am just not that into Halloween!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Waking up to this!

I saw this on Yum Sugar. Can you imagine art this amazing in your coffee cup? I don't know if I could drink it!

Just Another Day at the Office

Today is the big day everyone!!! The Office is back on tonight. The cast does the best job of capturing a day in the cubicle world. If you have never been to the Official Office Website, I recommend visiting if you are a fan.
Also, take the Office Personality quiz! I was really hoping to be most like Pam, but no surprise, I am most like Jan. (Just warmer, I am sure....) Happy watching!

Entrepreneur Group Pt 2

So, one of the girls in our group has started a new blog. H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S!!!

Check it out here: http://extremecubemakeover.weebly.com/maries-blog.html

And, mark as your favorite! You guys will love it!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Coming Soon...

I am soooo disappointed in myself for not taking “before and after” pictures of Sage Culinary Studio. But, you can use your imagination and think of a blank canvas that has been transformed into this fabulous place!

I have to say, it was so crazy to see my logo up close and personal! Ha! I designed that!!! And, even more impressive is that Catherine’s niece hand painted the HUGE Sage logo on the windows---freehand! I mean NO stencils, nothing. Wow. (Please ignore the poor picture quality and reflections….I cannot take a picture to save my life).

The retail portion of the store carries the cutest items! There are tons of baking kits, tools made for kid size hands, and even little aprons and hats for the tiny chefs!

Look how good all of her paper goods turned out! (Side note, I have actually begun work on my website! Go me! So, eventually all of the beautiful items I have designed for Catherine and my other clients will be available online….you can visit but it is a total work in progress).

Now, for the studio – it is so awesome! It is modern, professional (obviously, clean) and perfect for hosting a cooking class!

Also, is this not the perfect gift for a small chef in the making??? It is an adjustable step stool that keeps kids from falling while they cook. I cannot imagine a better way to keep a child’s attention but also make sure they stay by your side during the cooking process! These will retail for around $150 at Sage.
Catherine held her first birthday party and it went fabulous! I am so excited for her! Check out her site for more details on hosting events/parties at her studio!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Entrepreneur Group

So, tonight we had the 2nd meeting of our Women's Entrepreneur Group. I really don't have an idea big enough to land me on Donny Deutsch's "The Big Idea" but I am sure I will one day. Hmm...maybe if I just post about Donny each day, I might get an invite to his show....interesting concept. I will consider that.

First, you guys, Sage Culinary Studio is coming along awesome!!! You will just die it is so awesome! We had our meeting there again tonight and made pizzas in the studio and it is so perfect for parties and classes. Catherine's official opening will be in October, so I will keep you guys posted, but I will put some pics up tomorrow! It looks so fabulous!

Also, tonight, we had two new members join our group! Deedra and Melanie from 918 moms joined us! Deedra and Melanie have recently "launched" their social networking site for Tulsa mom's. It is a great site for connecting with other Tulsa parents asking questions, and they have a great directory. Check it out and bookmark it to your favorites!

Okay, off to bed! XOXO

Look what they can do with Towels!

I don't know if I ever mentioned this, but one of the highlights of the cruise I took last year was getting those cute little towel animals every evening. I know, I have told you again and again, I am a huge nerd. But, these delectable little goodies are too cute not to pass on! I saw them on the Hostess with the Mostess blog last week. I obviously am looking forward to the holiday's because this is day 2 of cute stocking stuffer ideas! ; )

Find these online here!

Monday, September 22, 2008

My love affair with paper

Honestly, I love paper products. I love stripes, I love fonts, I love polka dots. You would think I wrote a ton of handwritten letters or had an awesome desk to store all of this fun stuff in. But, no, alas, we have a tiny house and it is all in a cabinet. But, that does not stop me from buying.

I have 2 cute paper products to showcase! First, Hope with Cards with Hope has the most adorable notepads showcased on her blog!

They are mommy notepads! These are a little less traditional than those you normally see, though, because they made especially for canine (or could be from kitty) mommies! Um, hello, world's best stocking stuffer!!!! I think I might get mine to say World's Best Pup Mother!

So today, when doing my "blog research" I came across the most unusual paper product I have ever seen on Donny Deutsch's blog. (For more on my love for Donny, read here). The owner of the company Flying Wish Paper wrote a guest blog about her experience on the show and her product. I have honestly never seen anything like it. Here is the basic premise (from the website):

Flying Wish Paper™ is a new party activity —a WISHING KIT that features all the materials you need to “Write it, Light it and Watch it Fly!”—giving your wishes new life and meaning. The activity can be ceremonial or whimsical, somber or festive, but it is always inspirational.

It is not very expensive and I think it would be interesting to try at Thanksgiving or at a shower or something. I watched the video and I am intrigued! If anyone has ever tried it, let me know what you think!

Great news!!!

Soon I will be able to see this sweet little face a lot more! Kristen, Brannon and Baby Max are moving back to Tulsa! I am already counting down the months! It will be here before we know it! They will be back in the Tulsa area by January! I cannot wait! Tommy and I are sooo going to be the best aunt and uncle EVER! Yay!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Best Sister Ever

I love my sister! She was very sweet to blog for me while I was on vacation. She is really, really good at what she does. She has a full time job but still finds time to do professional organizing on the side. Oddly, this genetic trait of the desire to be clutter free somehow did not make it into my DNA. Oh well. I am lucky to have her. (See, mom, look how well we get along. You did good ; )
My sister also went above and beyond her sweet sisterly duties and cleaned and went grocery shopping for me while I was in Florida. (Granted, I am paying her, but still....) Would there be anything better than coming home from a long trip, only to have the messy house you left behind clean and sparkling awaiting your arrival? And, the pantry full of food for the week? I love her. Really, it is the simple things in life that delight me! Love you, Al!
I will post more this week about my trip and post some pics!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hi Everyone, it's Allison again. I had so much fun talking about organizing yesterday, Katie said I could do it again today! I told her we can consider this a "short series" on organizing.

Today I thought I would talk about my favorite place to organize-THE KITCHEN. I absolutely love to cook and can walk through any kitchen store for hours. When I got married I may have registered for every gadget in Williams-Sonoma... and I think I have used all of them. I love kitchens too because they always seem to be the hub of the house. Everyone tends to gather in the kitchen. But alot of gadgets and people can sometimes leave a kitchen with alot of clutter. These are some of my all time favorite kitchen organizers.

I have a ton of these in my kitchen cabinets. It is amazing how quickly they help organize your cabinets. Katie doesn't have much cabinet space in her house... these really came in handy and we were able to use every inch of space in her cabinets. I use them for my glasses, mugs, plates and serving pieces too. These can be purchased at almost any home store (Target, Wal-Mart, Container Store)

I can't get enough of these... I put all of my spices on them and bottles that I store in my cabinet. I also use them in my bathroom under my cabinet (I'll tell you more about that in another post :)

These are perfect for all of your canned goods. The "stadium" design on them helps you to see everything even in the back. I got my mom a few of these because she was always buying things she already had because she couldn't see what was in the back of her cabinets.

These are perfect for all of your pans and baking sheets. I always hated stacking my baking sheets on top of each other because inevitably the one I would need would end up at the bottom of one messy pile... these are so awesome-they are sturdy and the vertical design helps open up more cabinet space too. They are also very reasonably priced.

I found these a while back while looking through The Container Store catalog and decided I had to have them. I can't remember what I did when I didn't have these-they are genius! I use one for my pots and pans lids and another for all of the lids to my plastic containers. I stack the lid organizer on top of a wire shelf (like above) and then stack my containers below the lids-no more looking every where for that darn lid.

I always hate to throw out the plastic bags I get when grocery shopping (I am convinced the day I throw them all out I will need them) This little holder is a great way to keep from having a bag mess in your cabinet.

I really could go on for hours! To me the kitchen is one place that can be a bit challenging to get organized, but once it is complete it seems to be one of the easiest to keep in order.

I found all of the products listed today at http://www.thecontainerstore.com/.

Have a great weekend! More to come...

Cleaning isn't just for Spring...

Hi Everyone! This is Katie's sister Allison, my sister was so sweet and asked me to do a few posts for her about my favorite topic-Organizing. As some of you may know I have recently started my own organizing business. I have always loved to organize, and there is something about this time of year that really gets me excited about it.

Everyone always talks about Spring cleaning, but I must say find myself organizing more in the Fall. I always feel like I need to get my house "prepared" for spending alot of time inside during the Winter. Getting my closets organized is one thing I always associate with Spring and Fall Cleaning.

Here are a few tips I use in organizing a closet:

1-Color Coordinate...It is amazing how easy it makes putting clothes away and to find things!

2-Try to only keep things in your closet that are in season. I wish I had a nice walk in closet, but unfortunately I have a pretty small closet that I for sure can't walk in. Winter and summer clothes hanging together can really make everything cramped. I recommend buying a few plastic storage bins and storing the opposite season's clothes in them. No need to be flipping through your large sweaters when it is 90 degrees outside.

3- Buy hanging shoe racks-I love the ones that go over your door. They are great for of course shoes but accessories too.. I put my winter gloves and scarfs in them and many other things.

4-If you don't love it... Get rid of it. This is one that is so hard for me, I always thing maybe I will wear it and I never do. I finally decided to purge anything in my closet I didn't just love! Getting ready in the morning is alot easier.

5-Make sure everything has a place. When we first got married, but husband didn't have a place for his belts, ties and shoes. So where did everything end up-on the floor. I have since purchased him a tie rack, belt rack, shoe rack and a few other storage items... his closet now looks better than mine.

6-Start Small-Don't tear your entire room apart. Start with just one part of closet- say "today I am going organize my skirts, and tomorrow my shoes". This helps make the task of organizing your closet alot more manageable.

Sorry I don't have pictures to make this a bit more exciting...maybe tomorrow-I might be able to get someone to help me out with blogging. More Fall Cleaning Tips to come! Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

He is getting so big!

I have posted several times about my little nephew, Max. Tommy and I are just smitten with him! Everywhere we go, we want to buy him something! Seriously, everywhere! Recently, we went to Disney World and we searched high and low for a Teddy Bear with a dierndel (sp) for Max! (Side note, Tommy's mom is 100% German). Well, Tommy had to settle for a German Mickey Mouse for Max. He was so funny about it too. He did NOT want to buy a Mickey Mouse. I think Max will love it either way!
He is really maturing. Look at his sweet eyes!
Kristen is teeny tiny, so you can see that Max is really getting big! He is about half her size ; )
And, what a milestone! His first tooth is coming in!

I just wish he was closer so we could see him more often!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Amy Butler

I cannot sew. Even a button. My poor mother-in-law will take all of my stuff and sew them for me. (She is seriously the best!!) So, it is funny that I am posting about a fabric maker, Amy Butler. But, I feel like everywhere I turn I see something about her or one of her fabrics. I love her style and even her website is super cute: http://www.amybutlerdesign.com/mainmenu.php. And, for those of you that can sew, she offers free patterns for super cool stuff on her site! Alot of these items would be awesome Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers. I would love the business card holders she features:
So, to show you guys some of her cute stuff I decided to go to my favorite site, Etsy, to give you a sample of her patterns and the cute things creative people are making out of her fabric!

Etsy seller, Klarson, sells these adorable burp cloths. They are only $7 too! How cute for so little!

Etsy seller, JillyD, sells super cute purses and diaper bags in Amy Butler fabrics. Also, I cannot believe how affordable Etsy is! This cute purse is only $28! Her diaper bags are also really, really cute and she sells them for $55. Steal!
Look at this bib from Tweedle Totes!! I love it! And, only $9.

Honestly, I could search for these all day! There is sooo much cute stuff! Just search for Amy Butler on Etsy and I promise you will find something you "must have" or a great gift...especially for a little girl!!

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