Swag Bag!! (Well, Swag Box Really...)

Remember a few weeks ago when I posted I had NEVER won anything before? Well, my luck has changed! Last week Polka Dot Designs (super-cute stationery store, if you have never visited) had a Twitter contest where you could enter to win your favorite notepad. Um, hello, I totally won!!! Seriously, about died. Called Tommy at work and everything. You can only imagine how thrilled he was. (Sarcasm there for those who do not know me.) However, my coworker was super excited for me. I made her go online and look and everything.

Today my Polka Dot Design box arrived and not only did I get the Ornate Wreath Notepad, I got the whole Ornate Wreath Collection!

First, let me apologize for my crappy pictures. I am bad at photography anyway but it doesn't help that I to take these with my I-fauxne (aka Samsung Eternity -- more about my boycott against the iphone in another post. I dropped my new camera on the floor this weekend and it is with the Geek Squad.)

All the contents of my package.

Isn't the notepad adorable? I chose the Rockford font and I think it turned out really cute!
Even the back side has character.
These are the cute notecards. Also with my name on them. You guys remember my paper obsession, right? This is totally helping.

And, recipe cards!

And, since I share the love, I also got 10% off that I am going to share with you guys -- the code is BOX0509 and expires 9/1.
Your stationery queen and winner of all things fabulous!


  1. Super cute! I love Polka Dot design...I just found some super cute baby shower invitations on their website. I'm so proud of you for winnging :-)

  2. I love them! P.S. I forgot to get the catalog and order form to fill out for Southern Living - cause I was so overwhelmed that Cini Mini was home!

  3. Love it!!! Congrats on winning such good paper items!

    Emily :)

  4. too cute katie! i have never won anything so i can understand your excitement!! kels

  5. I love Polka Dot design - Cooper's b-day invites and Addison's b-day invites have come from them for the last couple of years! They do a great job! Congrats on your win -very cool! I never win anything, but I enter everything (probably why we always get telemarketing calls all the time...Dwayne would respond with the same enthusiasm Tommy did I'm sure!!!) love, Jennifer DeFatta


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