My Most Favorite Festival...

I guess you could call it a festival. But my most favorite city event is a little less than 7 weeks away. And, yes, I am counting down. If you guys recall, I LOVE the pet costume contest at the Boo Ha Ha parade on Brookside. Well, it is right around the corner and Target is all stocked up on costumes. I should know. I go at least twice weekly. (Yes, I have a problem.)

Would my little Carter not be darling as a frog? I think it might make Pudge look kind of wussy. I don't want him to hate his mom.
I have to say. Target got downright clever this year. Um, lucky dog. Hello. Brilliant.

Is it not hilarious to dress your dog up as his arch-nemesis? (If you can't tell, that is a squirrel.)

Watch dog. Get it?

And for the very girly dogs out there, this little outfit is just presh!

I am not sure what we will dress Carter and Pudge up as this year. They look so handsome naturally in their tuxedos.


  1. I love the watch dog costume...greatness!!! :)

  2. Those are awesome!! If you want Carter to be a rock n' roll dog, you can always use Bella's costume from last was a hit! I think it would be too small on the Pudgester.



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