Back to my Regularly Scheduled Program...Soon

Okay, so I have to share more pics of Baby Finley! She is just perfect! Even Tommy is very interested in the baby! I wonder if we can go a day without seeing her? Well, probably not. Couple that with the fact that everytime we go over there we get fed, we may just move in. Tommy is loving a home cooked meal. Ha! Luckily, Allison only lives four miles away!

This is Finley in her new hat. It is so big...

Her whole body can fit in it.

She loves her lamb swing. Look how cozy!

Finley loves Uncle Tommy.

Finley loves Aunt Katie too.

Finley's room is really cute. Kyle added wainscoting all along it and Allison hung the letters I made for her baby shower in between the closets.

Yesterday we added some vinyl stickers to the wall. Here is the before: Here is the after! The decals are from Studio JK on Etsy.

Tomorrow I will be back to my regularly scheduled posting. Maybe. ; )


  1. Love the pics!!! She is so adorable! We also have the lamb swing. When we put a teeny, newborn Alex in it, it would swing so fast on the lowest setting that it made me sick to watch it. Now? Um, yeah. It barely swings on the highest setting. Can you say "Biiiig Booooy?" Yeah.

    She is a doll. Congrats!


  2. LOVE her room! WOW! She is adorable! You are just like my sister ~ it is RARE for "Aunt Mimmy" (Hannah had a hard time saying Kimmy so Mimmy just stuck) to go a day without seeing her neice and nephew!

  3. Is your husband named Tommy? That makes you TOMKAT! :) Did you know that TomKat Studio is named after my kiddies, Tommy & Kate?

    How was your birthday party!? Any photos?

    I didn't realize Allison was about to give birth! Congratulations!

    I feel like part of the family now! :)

  4. OMG, she is precious, incredibly precious! Enjoy........... nieces and nephews will change your life!

  5. Awwww! This is so cute! I love the nursery and the wainscoting!


  6. I like the one of you holding her w/ your World's Greatest Aunt t-shirt on. You are the best little Auntie! I just love those rosy cheeks and plump lips (the baby's...not yours) she is too precious!

  7. I so love the Finley posts! I cannot get over her cuteness, seriously.

  8. Oh my gosh, the cuteness!! I want to touch her it. :) And her room is cute!


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