Happy Birthday....to me!

I still have a few days, but my big birthday is coming up. Really soon. My sweet sister, sister-in-law, husband and Megan were nice enough to throw me a birthday party. Unfortunately, my sister couldn't make it. I think Finley just really wanted to come to the party.

Megan totally became party planner extraordinaire! Here are some pics from the big event.

Allison had preordered cupcakes from Simply Cupcakes. All I have to say is A-mazing. I did happen to sample all three. The carrot cake cupcakes were to die for, but they were all awesome. Kelsey, you would have had an all new favorite cupcake place. ; )

The cute cupcake toppers were done by The TomKat Studio to match my invites.

Megan also put them on vases around the room with my favorite candies.

Who doesn't love York Peppermint patties?

My sister had started this banner before she went into labor. My mom finished the letters and my sister put it together in the hospital. That is one dedicated party planner.

Up close.
And lets talk about the savory cheesecake. This one was awesome! Have I told you guys about my cheesecake guy? He does security where I work. He is a Tulsa Police Officer, but went to culinary school and makes the world's most amazing cheesecakes on the side. His appetizer cheesecakes are amazing. His sweet cheesecakes make the Cheesecake Factory's cheesecakes look like chopped liver. He is awesome. If you want his brochure, let me know your email and I will send it to you.

This cheesecake was the Little Italy. Kind of tasted like bruschetta. Totally tasted like deliciousness. Um, yum!

I also wanted to share this news clip about my party ;)

This is really cute for a kid. Here is the link...very bottom of the page under embed this link on your video or blog.


  1. that is so cool. Love, mom

  2. Happy Early Birthday! What day is it actually on? What a fun party. Mr. Fix It gave me a surprise birthday for my 30th - poor guy, I didn't help him at all by being born on December 26th..... Kinda hard to get more than your closest friends to show up for a party the day after Christmas! he he he

  3. It looks like your party was wonderful, and I love the Disney video clip. That is so clever!!!Happy Early Birthday, Katie!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  4. what a fabulous, delicious party!!!kels

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