Look at me!

I am about to embark on my 30th year of life. (Or would it be my 31st year of life?) Either way, 2 weeks from tomorrow I turn 30. Eek!

The upside is that at least I get a party! My sister, with the help of some friends, is throwing me a tiny soiree and I had to show you guys the invites designed by the lovely, Kim, from The TomKat Studio.

Aren't these adorable??? And I love that there is now an entire "collection" based off my invitation. (I did take off some identifying information...only so all my fans don't show up at my party.)
Her cuteness doesn't stop there! All of her toppers, cards and invites are super reasonable so that you can print yourself and do as many as you need. Brilliant!

Kim has been featured all over the web for her lollipop invitations and the most adorable party she threw for her daughter.

These make me want to throw a Halloween party...only I hate to dress up. It does happen to be my sister's least favorite holiday of the year. She blames that on me. I have no idea why. Well, sort of.

Hello, cupcakes and babies. The cutest combination ever.
Also, check out Kim's blog for great party inspiration.


  1. Thank you for the wonderful showcase! I had wanted to create a new collection using chandeliers, so it was perfect that it was inspired by you! Have a fabulous party...it sounds amazing! Send me pics...please! I'd love to post them!

  2. How exciting!! The invites are adorable, of course...love her work! And happy almost birthday to you!! Sounds like fun. :)

  3. These invites turned out beautiful! Love the chandy!


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