My Day is Made

Ever since I found out what a blog is I have been BEGGING my friend Janie to start writing. She is opposite of me - funny, witty and, well, really good at everything. I wanted to share the love and tell you guys to visit her site. You will not be disappointed. I have added her to my blog roll on the right, but you can show her the love by visiting her at Franzia Files. I promise you endless entertainment. Sorry, Jane, I know that is alot of pressure. Much like your spelling bee contest. But whether you succeed or not, we will take a trip to Long Neckers. On me.


  1. Talk about giving me a big head!! Man, Katie, you are da' bomb!! (well, that is if 1998 will allow me to say that!) I think I hear the '90210 music in the background as I comment!

    Unfortunately, Long Neckers is no longer around, but lucky for you, my horrible spelling sure is!!

    You are the best!!

  2. Sounds like a pretty big deal! I always love a good read...will definitely check her out!


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