GG + Target

How did I not know that Target had a Gossip Girl inspired collection? Um, my favorite store + my favorite show and I totally missed this.




Not sure if I am fashion-forward enough to wear any of these. However, I would have to say Serena's look is my favorite. Strange, considering I typically gravitate towards the girly things Blair wears. And her headbands.


  1. Shut up!!! I didn't know either. Even though I'm probably too old...I will definitely have to check it out. And yes, I LOVE GG! I missed Monday though...SO mad but my dvr recorded the first 2 minutes then it said ERROR 4 occurred so the rest didn't record!! What the heck?! I hate you error 4. Guess I'll try to catch it online. So sad. :(

  2. Hey Katie, that reminds me, Banana Republic has some fashions inspired by Mad Men. I haven't seen that show but it's super stylish. I usually watch VH1 - and hopefully nobody will come out with clothing inspired by Rock of Love.



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