Project Runway - Duct Tape Style

Wouldn't that be a fun Project Runway -- have the designers gather round and make dresses out of Duct Tape? I will call Tim Gunn and tell him to make it work...right after I finish writing this post.

Have you guys ever seen these? Duct tape prom gowns. They are soooo all the rage.

Each year Duck Tape brand duct tape has a scholarship competition for students who make their prom attire entirely of duct tape. Impressive.

This year's first place winner:
Last year's first place winner:
Look at this local couple. They were this year's second place winner. They were robbed. Look at all that detail. I know Nina Garcia and Michael Kors would have placed them in first.
The detail is amazing!

No post tomorrow night. I will be watching PR. With friends. See, I have a life. I am liking Shirin so far. And she is a local too! I am saying Bryant Park baby. Will they be going there this year? I am so confused with the whole LA season. Oh well, whatev. Still makes for great tv.


  1. That is amazing! I agree with you that the couple from Bixby sooooooooo should have one! Can't wait to send this post to Chosen Child. Sounds like a task she might tackle - but would never actually wear to prom!

  2. That is crazy but amazing!! I'm impressed.


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