Stylish Hospital Gowns - an Oxymoron?

First, I love, love, love when someone sends me something to blog about. So, a special thanks to my friend, Betsy, for today's post. As mentioned, blogging is a lot harder than it looks!

Betsy sent me several sites of adorable hospital gowns. Brilliant idea. It totally skeeves me out to think that one day I might have to wear someone else's sweaty, bloody outfit. I know its a miracle and all, but I can tell you I will need all the help in the world to look stylish/remotely human in the post-delivery pics. Me without makeup = not pretty. Me without makeup + an ugly sweaty gown = even worse. Well, at least I can only imagine. I would totally need a cute outfit. I am sure that would make it all better.

Oh, disclaimer, I am not pregnant nor close to being pregnant. The above scenarios are all hypothetical.

Betsy sent me a link to the Esty site, Lily & Lou. Love these. So colorful and the ribbon is so feminine and sweet.

I love this gown. Super cute. (I have no idea why, but this picture of the mannequin looking over the bed cracks me up.)

This gown is from the The Peanut Shell. They have some really great finds. Betsy mentioned she also got her nursing cover and sling here.
Also, can someone please explain to me what this thing is???? A post-pregnancy waist cincher? Do people wear these girdles after the baby? Is it hot and uncomfortable? Would it even help? So confused.

Betsy also sent a link to the site, Trendy Tummy Hospital Gowns, which has super cute stuff. They also have a super secure site, so I cannot take pictures off for my blog!


  1. Those gowns are cute, but I have to tell you - at the final moments, all you really care about is getting that baby out safely, so the gown is truly the least of your concerns!!! After two babies and two long days of labor with each one, I could have cared less about what I was wearing! Invest in cute PJs or cute "loungewear"/robe for the days after you have the baby but while you are still in the hospital -that is when people visit and when you want to look "cute" to show off the baby!! Funny that people will sell anything to pregnant women though! Never seen the waist cincher....looks torturous to me!!! love, Jennifer DeFatta

  2. Oh my gosh, those are so cute & fun!! They would make a perfect addition to a hopital gift basket. And you know how I feel about gift baskets!! :)

  3. I have to agree with Mama Mia...I really thought I'd be skeeved out by the hospital gowns too. But in reality, there are so many other huge emotions you're feeling the day of delivery and the few days after, that the last person you're thinking of is yourself and how you look. Save your money for a cute lounge outfit and a pedicure after you're home!

  4. Here is the info on the waist cincher: Some people swear by them for helping them return to their pre-pregnancy form. My theory is that having your guts smashed in all day probably helps remind you to "suck it in". The action of holding your stomach in works your abdominal muscles and helps you have a flatter stomach. I'm sure if you could remember to hold your stomach in, you would achieve the same results....the problem is this: after nine months of not worrying about holding in your forget what that feels like!! I would forget the stomach cincher and write little notes that read "HOLD YOUR STOMACH IN" and post them all over the house! Signed, Guess Who

  5. I think its a good thing or if you have some spanx wear those! It also helps make you look skinny!

  6. Thanks so much for the great and entertaining post! I laughed hard! I am the owner of Trendy Tummy Maternity (referenced in your post) - I would be more than happy to send you any pictures of the stylish hospital gowns we have(for your blog) and would be happy to even send you one when the time comes ;)


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