Shower of the Century

First, let me apologize for what might be my longest post ever. I am super excited to show you all the details from my sister's baby shower. Allison had tons of guests, got so many great gifts and had family from three states (I will admit I am counting Oklahoma), but doesn't that sound VERY dramatic?

Also, doesn't she look great for only being 6 weeks from her due date? (My sister-in-law, Kristen, whose house this was at is on the left and I am on the right.)

I was not kidding when I said she got tons of gifts.

Okay, let's talk details! Kristen's house is so open and her dining room opens to the living room where all the gifts were. We just used card tables and I covered them with white linens that I got at a restaurant supply store online. I think I only paid $11 for each one. I figured I can use them again and again.

To dress up the chairs I just used bulk floral ribbon. I think I got literally 800 feet for $20. I also used it as the runners on the tables.

My mom and I had so much fun making the centerpieces. We seriously were little crafters for weeks. Just so you know - I am so not crafty. These were super easy and pretty much came assembled. I will post pics of the process later this week.

As guests came in they were greeted with Finley's initials and our favors. In case this is your first time to my blog, the baby's room is bird themed.

Close up of the favors. These were an idea from my friend, Iris. They are no bake cookies shaped into little bird's nests.

I had the cupcakes made to look like the invitations. They turned out really cute! The stand is lying in a "nest."

Close up of the birds.

I also made other mini nests with candy "eggs." Look at how my cricut has come in handy!

This savory cheesecake I bought was THE hit of the party. Sounds weird but it is an appetizer cake made of asiago, sharp cheddar, swiss and other cheeses. Serve it with crackers and you have people talking about your food for days. Seriously.

I made little drink menus to match the invites. I will post the actual paper products later, as it is hard to see in this picture. They were super cute in person.

My final cricut project was the infamous banner! The nice thing is that when we made this we didn't know Finley's name. So, now I can get a few more uses out of this baby.

I hope you enjoyed! I get to help with my sister-in-law's shower at the end of September, so hopefully I will have some more fun creations then too!


  1. Oh my gosh it looks so wonderful! Now I want a girl and a bird theme so I can use all your great stuff! maybe you should start a shower rental supply company :D I'll be your first customer!

  2. OH....everything is so precious and perfect!! i am so sad I missed it - and I totally want that savory cheesecake recipe - please please email it to me!!! Also, what was in the Pregatinis?? I'm dying to know! So cute! I will have to get the scoop from Aunt Angie too. I know she probably took lots of pics as well. I'm so bummed I missed it, but Cooper's 5th b-day bash was a huge success as well (although not on the same scale as Allison's shower, but really, the Orange Party room at Party Central Family Fun Center in Bossier City did not leave me much allowance for decor, and Cooper's insistance on a Scooby Doo theme only this year also did not allow for much creative allowance hee hee!!!). Miss you guys and please post more pics of the great gifts -did my package make it there???? love, Jennifer

  3. Wow Katie! You did an awesome job! Everything looks super cute!

  4. Katie!!! This is AMAZING, as I knew it would be!! I LOVE all the details - the centerpieces, the favors?!, the banner, the drink's perfection!! Wonderful job!! And yes, your sister looks amazing!! She is so cute. :)

  5. Jennifer, I cannot wait to see pics of Cooper's party! Renee came to the shower and she had a Scooby theme for hery boys too.

    We did get your package and everything was adorable! I especially loved Finley's dress. Tons of oohs and aahs!

    Also, I would totally email you the cheesecake recipe, but I totally bought that thing from someone at work! I wish I could make something that decadent!

    Talk to you soon!

  6. Hi! I just found you from CPB and love this shower! So beautiful and full of fabulous details. You did an amazing job!

  7. This is a lovely shower. Great job. I'd love to highlight it on Creative Hostess.

  8. Absolutely adorable. So creative. Great job.

  9. This is really adorable. I love all the nests!

  10. Katie. Where did you get the flower vase holders that you used as the centerpieces??

  11. Hi there,

    Here is a post about the centerpieces. Hope that helps!


  12. Katie-Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog! This shower is amazing!! I love all of the details and especially the centerpieces! Great work!

  13. Hi Katie :) I was hoping you could help me out. My baby sister just found out she is having a baby girl, this is her 1st. She would love this shower that you had for your sister!!! I was wondering if you made the bird theme ( banner, party favor tags, drink menu, centerpiece, ect.) or if I could order them somewhere. Any help you could give me would be great! Thank you

  14. Thanks for your comment and congrats to your sister! I did all of the paper products myself. The banner I did with my cricut. If you look in the comments, there is a link to the centerpieces. If you have more specific questions, leave your email in the comment section and I will reply directly. Thanks!!

  15. Thank you :) I did look more into it and saw that you made all of the stuff, very impressive! I went to Michaels tonight to get paper and look for that bird. They didn't have anything in that shape. And of course they dont have the bird pencil holders anymore. The little party favor tags, and the birds that you have on things, is that just paper or did you use something hard behind it? I did find the bird nest, pink feathers, and the cupcake holder tonight :) Thanks for any help :) My email is

  16. Cutest baby shower ever!!! I came upon your page while looking for ideas for my sister's bird themed baby shower next month and was wondering where did you get the big brown basket(nest), cupcake holder, and cheesey cheesecake (I'm 4 1/2 months pregnant and can't get the cheescake out of my mind!) Also, what did you use to keep the cupcake holder and feathers in place inside the basket? Sorry so many questions,just really excited about it all. :) My email is Thanks!!!


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