So Crafty

Last weekend, Megan and I (with lots of help from my mom and Finley) got crafty for a baby shower she threw for Addie last night. I got lots of inspiration online and I think it turned out really cute!

We decided to do this backdrop that My Sweet & Saucy had featured on her twitter feed. Let's just say, it isn't perfect and requires a lot more math than you would think, but overall I thought it made a really cute backdrop for the buffet table. (You live and learn, right?)

Remember this clever cupcake stand I featured in January from Imperfectly Beautiful? Well, it was as easy to put together as promised. (I guess that is easy for me to mom actually did all the hard work.)

Megan brought over three boxes she had on hand.

My mom covered them with wrapping paper.

Stuck on some coordinating ribbon.

Busted out some monograms on the cricut, and voila....

Lastly, we made a banner. (Love the $50 I ever spent. Did I ever tell you guys that story of how I got this amazing deal?)

And here it is "live."

Also, I have to give props to Megan....she did these flower arrangements all by herself! She filled the containers with black beans, then used water tubes for the daisies. I think she got the Zebra at Hobby Lobby.

Congratulations Ben and Addie! Can't wait to meet Baby Owen!


  1. Great job, Katie, Susie, and Megan!!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  2. Katie, so cute!!! Love the cupcake tower idea. I'm going to stock that idea away for the future.
    And I noticed the Sonic cups in the pictures - I miss Sonic so much - none here in CT. :( Can you send me a cherry limeade please?!

  3. so adorable....any party with festive cupcakes makes for a good party!!!

  4. Thank you to you and your mom...coulnd't have done it without you! All the decorations were a huge hit :-)

  5. Super cute~so wish you lived back in the 'Port with your sweet family (Mom, Allison, Finley, and the men in your lives of course!!) so you could help me all the time! Also, seriously....can you expand your awesome skills into a Party Planning business??? Maybe that is your Million Dollar maker girl - you rock at it! And it seems like you enjoy it too....I see weddings, b-days, anniversaries, showers, etc. You have such a great background in flowers, marketing, etc. I would totally help you out if I was there!
    Also, let me know what a cricut (so embarrassed I did not know how to pronounce that until the other day...sounded like an idiot for pronouncing it like it is spelled, not like the animal...duh.) banner would cost me for Addison's b-day - I will pay you to make her one as soon as I pick the invites and get the color scheme!!!!


  6. Everything was so amazing! You girls did such a great job!! I love the banner and it is hanging on our fireplace already!!

  7. Way cute shower! I LOVE houndstooth!
    Have a great day!

  8. Cute, cute, cute! Next time I host a shower I am stealing the cupcake tower idea and I lurve the backdrop you all did! Now I just need a Cricut...

  9. You guys did a really awesome job decorating. Love it.

  10. Love this!! That cupcake stand is really cool!


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