Monday, February 15, 2010


Saturday, Tommy and I babysat Finley all day and I must say, she is one bright baby.

She reads the paper.
She drinks coffee* with the grown-ups. (She has very sophisticated taste.)

She is already typing! (I think she was trying to encourage people to vote for her in Tulsa's Most Beautiful Baby Contest.)

She even wanted to try to expand her vocabulary.

She loves her Aunt KK. (Also, there may be an auntie name change for me...Max is now referring to me as Aunt Cake, which I will take as a compliment!)

We even have a baby flower arranger on our hands!

Aunt KK is sooo funny!

All this work was too much. We had to play a little wii.

Finley LOVES Pudge.

She even stuck her tongue out at him.

Pudge loves Finley, too. I think they will be best buds.

Finley also rode on Sue Sue's horsey.

She is even standing by herself at 4.5 months!*

Finley called her mama and told her how much fun she was having.

I think Finley will come back.

*No babies were harmed in the making of this photo shoot. Nor was coffee really ingested nor was baby standing on her own.


Jackie Potter said...

She is beautiful Katie! LOVE LOVE LOVE those big blue eyes! It looks like you all had such a fun time. I want to come play at Aunt KK's house too!

Anonymous said...

love this post!!! dax has a crush on finley he just kissed the computer screen when he saw her! kels

Aja said...

This is too cute!! You should totally make a little photo album (like on Kodak) with your little story to go along. Great gift idea. * wink*

And oh my word, does a kid get any cuter??

Anonymous said...

Finley is just too cute, and you are just too clever!! I enjoyed the photos and your commentary.
Love, Aunt Angie

Allison Craig said...

Finley had the BEST time with Aunt KK. She didnt want to be at home with mom and dad because she just has so much fun with you and uncle T. Thanks for taking such good care of Finley and teaching her so many things! We love you!!

Emily said...

She is advanced---super impressed with her spelling abilities!

Anonymous said...

Katie, so cute. I loved it, it made me smile. Thanks. She is a doll, I totally voted!!! Rhiana

debbie stanhope said...

that was the cutest photo shoot ever! loved the story line too! debbie

Emily said...

Ah!! Love love love these pics of smart precious Lil finley! She's so lucky to have a great aunt and uncl!! Socute

Anonymous said...

Those pics are so cute of Finley and I love the poses- so funny!


Kathleen said...

Fin is such a doll and so lucky to have such a wonderful Auntie!!

Amy said...

I laughed so hard at this post! I must say Katie you are quite the funny gal! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Katie, I am catching up on your blog. It is so fun to get a big helping in one sit down. I loved this post. It is too funny! - I love all these cute pics. Looks like you guys had a great day. Have you seen this blog, she's also on Etsy. Maybe you've already blogged about her stuff: She has the cutest shirts, hoodies, etc. Your nieces/nephews would be make it look even better! Love - Ann

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