Happy Valentine's Day!

This week on Everyday Celebrating, she featured the most clever grown-up Valentines. As a morning coffee drinker, I thought these would be a great Valentine surprise for Tommy. Unfortunately, I am not on the ball AT ALL and Tommy still doesn't have a Valentine's Day gift. (It is 11:41 on 2/14.) But you know, it's a made up holiday anyway, right? Just don't tell Tommy...I would love to still get flowers every year.

But I digress. The purpose was to show you guys these coffee stencils the etsy store CoffeeStencils sells. They appear to be little plastic discs you put over your cup and sprinkle cinnamon onto, creating these fun designs.

This would have been a shocker this morning. I will have to remember this one. Ha! (No, I am not trying to send a cryptic message through this blog.)

This is more like it.
Definitely appropriate for today.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day! I think I am going to treat myself to a cupcake. XOXO, Katie


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