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Soooo, I had a little touch of karma today. I have been watching the Today Show, keeping up with the Olympics. And I will be honest....I thought Lindsey Vonn (the Olympic 5-medal hopeful in skiing) was kind of being a baby about her shin injury. I'll admit it - I judged. How bad could a bruise be? Um, then I woke up Wednesday after an intense Zumba class the previous night and could barely walk. And I could barely walk again today. Apparently, I have overdone it and my calves are so sore that even standing is a challenge. Touche, world. Touche.

Is Gen X Radio not the best? Driving around today I was brought back to my childhood with a playlist that rivals your personal ipod:

Step-by-Step by New Kids on the Block

White Ford Sings the Blues by Everlast

Mo Money Mo Problems by Notorius BIG (Freshman year of college, anyone?)

My only disappointment is that I didn't think of this idea.

Okay, after about three posts full of my ramblings, I promise to get back to bringing you my normal blog news.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I cannot think of anything that I would love more than this the bouquet below. Hello, flowers and cupcakes, my two favorite things -- in one!

(Photo courtesy of Erin's Emeals)

But if that is too hard to come by, I would totally settle for these cupcake bouquets from Sugar Crush.

Pretty sure we have no Valentine's plans and there are no flowers in my future, however, I bet I could manage to get a cupcake somewhere. I will keep you posted.


  1. You have me craving cupcakes on a daily basis!! Those cupcake bouquets are awesome!!! I want to eat them all :)


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