Adorn Your Cupcakes

Not sure if you guys have noticed, but I like cupcakes. It is nice to have a dessert that is precut for you with no chance of overeating. Unless you have two.

I also love that cupcakes have so many different little ways to make them special. And hide the fact that I cannot make them look even remotely close to one made by a professional.

So today I decided to bring you some adornments. I came across this cupcake wrapper from Bella Cupcakes Couture through the blog Cupcakes Take the Cake. They are all very special and just wrap around your ugly, burnt, now see through cupcake liner
I am in love with these icing toppers from Ticings that were featured today on The Party Dress. Not only do they sell cupcake toppers, but they have a whole line of cake toppers.
Also featured on The Party Dress were these adorable Cupcake Stands. I mean they are cake stands, but miniature! Hello! I am in love!

I think I have featured this Etsy Store Two Sugar Babies before, but I had to repeat. Um, have you ever seen anything more adorable? You just ice your cupcake and throw one of these puppies (or birdies in this case) on and, voila, you are the most impressive cupcake ever.

(Jane, this is for you!)
Okay, now off to relax. This is my first night home in at least 12 days. It is so hard being popular. ; )


  1. I love cupcakes too. Those make me want to bake. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love, love, love those mini cupcake stands!

  3. Did you just hear that very loud "thud" on the floor? No, well it was me passing out from pure cuteness! The monkey ones are so adorable I might need them for Alex's birthday party...or for a random Tuesday.

    Not right, Kate. Just not right. Ooooh, you should take a picture of Finley next to the cupcake and post that! That will totally make the body count go up!



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