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(Sorry if you guys are on my email list and friend on Facebook...this might be old news ; )

As you all know, I am the proud aunt to three nieces and nephews who are all absolutely adorable! And now I can prove it – my niece Finley has been nominated (by her world’s greatest aunt – who else?) to be Tulsa’s Most Beautiful Baby. Finley is now a top 10 finalist in the contest and she needs your vote to win.

You can vote once a day (and if you are so inclined, once a day on each computer you own) at

I am sure you all recognize this baby supermodel, but here is the picture to vote for:

You don’t have to register or do anything special. Just go to the link and click “Vote Here” under Finley’s name.

And in case you need further proof that Finley is Tulsa’s Most Beautiful Baby, here are a few other pics:

The winning baby will have her picture on a billboard for Emergency Infant Services, be on the cover of Tulsa Kids’ Baby Guide and I think she might win a $150 gift card to Food Pyramid. But as my sister says, “it would just be so fun for her.” My response was that “it will definitely be one of her favorite childhood memories.”

Thanks again for your help and I will keep you posted. She is already a winner in my book!


  1. I have already voted on both of our computers for today. I marked the voting page as a "Favorite" on my toolbar so that I can easily go to it each day. Finley is definitely a winner in our books.
    Love, Aunt Angie

  2. I have voted and will vote each day. She has to win because we think she is the prettiest baby in Tulsa. She will definelty win. I am not prejudiced, just her Sue Sue.

  3. I voted for her...she's darling and I know she has a fabulous aunt!

  4. new to your blog and your daughter is adorable!! i just voted!


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