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My cousin Jennifer is planning her absolutely adorable daughter's 2nd birthday. Seriously, she is the cutest thing ever. She asked for my help on coming up with some themes, so I decided to ask for your help to narrow the ideas down.

Here are a couple of ideas I have come up with. Please vote for your favorite below OR leave me a comment with another theme idea. I am just giving you snippets of the ideas. As we narrow down a theme, I will bring you full posts with all the fun stuff I find.

Here are the details: It is a 2nd birthday party, it will be held at Gymboree Play and Music in Shreveport and her first birthday party theme was a monkey theme.

Here is party idea number 1 - a pink ladybug theme. This inspiration board came from Creative Hostess. Look at how cute those cookies are!

Option number 2, a Cupcake theme. (You know how I feel about cupcakes.) I love this table set up from Kim at the TomKat Studio.

And what little girl wouldn't look adorable in this outfit from SoChicBabyBoutique on Etsy.

And I love these handmade invitations from The Speckled Egg.

Theme number 3 is CandyLand.

Jennifer could buy these printable invites from the TomKat Studio on etsy (only $14, what a steal!)

And you guys, seriously, I have never seen a party cuter than this party thrown by Jessica at Party Love that was featured on the Creative Party Place's blog. You must link to it to see everything. The details were absolutely amazing. I am just showing you a few highlights.

Theme number 4 would be a ballerina theme. Really, I just fell in love with this cupcake stand from Pink Cake Box.

Pink Cupcake Tower for 2nd Birthday ballet

So vote for your fave or leave a comment and let me know your ideas.

I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!


  1. so many cute ideas... seems like you could overlap the theme and use several of the ideas no matter what the theme... loved seeing you at McCord's Baptism...

  2. Having been to a birthday party at Gymboree, I think the cupcake idea is so cute...and she will have so much fun playing in her swirly-twirly tutu!! So precious!

  3. Being a G Phi B I must vote for the ladybug but the cup cake was super cute too. I do think I would wait on the ballet theme until she's 3 and can actually take ballet... just my thoughts.

  4. Hard choice between the lady bug and the cupcake......... real hard! Any of them would be sooooooooo precious!


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