Final Push for Tulsa's Most Beautiful Baby!

Tomorrow is the last day to vote in the Baby Love contest for my sweet niece Finley. Look at what her mother did to her a few weeks ago...put that baby's hair in pigtails! Have you ever seen anything cuter? Please vote for Finley here. In case you can't tell, she is this beautiful baby:

I took this picture of her in November. Look how much she has grown! She is already 5 months old (today)! XOXO Love you guys!


  1. Finley=rainbows + puppy dogs...why wouldn't people want that??

    And, no, I didn't make up that my Aunt Vera thinks my mam should adopt a haitian orphan....I know, I know. My mam once had a rescue dog and opened the backyard gate (after having it almost a month) and "gave it the choice" to "stay" or "go". A dog. That had no teeth. A child? Riiiiiiight.

    Sssshhhh, I couldn't say that in my blag since some serious animal lovers may read it and would be very judgey.

    (I will say, I felt good to call her "mam" again)

    And if you ever want to know more deets on Aunt Weirda, you just let me know.


  2. No, in fact, I have never seen anything cuter! She needs to wear those pigtails often. Are you guys taking her to Baby Fest?? I have to be there for work (ugh) but they have a cute kid contest and she should definitely win!

  3. I love the pigtails!!! Yes, I have been voting every day on both computers!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  4. Hi! I've been voting on both the home laptop and my computer at Dwayne's office! Hope she wins - she is certainly OUR Most Beautiful Tulsa Baby....even if the contest ends up being rigged somehow!!! love, Jennifer

  5. And you don't want me to put sponge rollers in her hair? love, mom


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