Run in with Security

Today was an exciting day. The keys were handed over to the Extreme Makeover family. Albert was nice enough to let us through security. I told you we would be bff by the end of this. (Next post's theme: how I need a suntan.)

Aja came with me.

It was an intimate gathering. Just Aja and I and a few other people.

The house looks great.

And this is as close as I got to the inside. Oh, and that is with my 10x optical zoom. So it wasn't that close.

I wish I could tell you about "Move that Bus," Sheryl Crow, Ty Pennington and Miranda Lambert, but as mentioned I am not a Roving Reporter and had to leave before the big reveal. Totally lame. I know. Maybe next time. : )


  1. How great is that. I can't wait to hear all the details.

  2. Total bust!! And I totally forgot to watch the news last night for highlights of all we missed. Pbbthh.


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