Sweet 16

Confession: I still watch MTV. Like more than a normal 30-year old should. Like I still watch the Real World.

About two years ago, I was totally into that tv show Super Sweet 16. That was until they created some formula that each kid had to follow. Then it just really went downhill. (Not that it was that uphill before.) But I hate watching the same thing every single episode, just sub out the parents and stick in another teenager who has no concept of reality. (And really, who invites people to a party by having a pre-party where you hand out invitations? Ugh.)

However, there were some pluses to the show. They did have an amazing party, which usually means an amazing cake.

I thought of that tv show when I saw this adorable cake from Pink Cake Box. (Did you follow that segue? I was wondering where I was going, too.)


  1. i loved my super sweet 16!!! i really loved the marathons when it was back to back to back shows!! kels

  2. Love the cake....but really, Katie, um, you should really be watching Teen Mom and/or 16 and Pregnant. It is kinda the best thing ever. Ask Pudge...we texted about it all last Tuesday.


  3. Katie im with Jane-16 and pregnant and teen mom are so 2010 and fabulous TV!

  4. My favorite are the Real World/Road Rules challenges! Love the drama! Don't be ashamed, trash tv rocks :)
    Very cute blog!


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