Roving Reporter...I am not

Soooo....I am pretty much a disappointment to all of you guys. I apologize. I know you are expecting the inside scoop from me on the Extreme Makeover Home Edition house. Well, truth be told, I am a wuss. I talk to "my" security guard, Fat Albert (yes, that is what his name badge says), every day in hopes that he will just ask me to come in and meet the whole crew. So far that approach hasn't worked. Instead I just stalk the house from the sidelines.

This approach actually may even be embarrassing...I am leaning out of a moving vehicle (don't worry, Tommy is driving) to get these. The funny thing is you can't actually see the house.

Oh, in this one you is the tan one. Doesn't it look great? (Insert sarcasm with regards to my picture taking abilities here.)

However, Ty Pennington does have the inside scoop on his blog and twitter feed. I think his pics are a little better than mine.

My security guard does give me a daily update and said that they are going to be giving the keys to the house over tomorrow at either 2 or 5. So I will give you guys a sneak peek when I can walk by it on foot again.

Oh and if you come to my site looking for the meaning of is another little gem I picked up while driving and stalking the EMHE house.

See, today's trip to my blog was not a waste.


  1. You should have volunteered...then you could have totally been on the inside track to what is happening!

  2. how cool to have that in your backyard ... as long as the family they are doing it for also contributes to the community.


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