This year I resolve...

I am officially going green this year. Well, I am not going to become the ultimate tree hugger, but I am going to try to do my part. I decided that in 2010 instead of getting the styrofoam water cup AND coffee cup everyday, I am going to drink from glass. I know, I deserve a Nobel Peace Prize for my efforts.

Truth be told, thank God my coworker was in the kitchen with me this morning at work to remind me. I honestly grabbed the styrofoam and she asked me how my resolutions were going. Or something like that. : )

In order to seriously do this, though, I must also stimulate the economy. See, I am just do-gooder of the year. And I am just on Day 4.

I must invest in some new coffee cups. I have always been into hyper-color, though, I don't think I ever got a shirt...they were too expensive (you know, like $25). I like this one from Charles and Marie, but I think Tommy would kill me if I bought a $25 coffee mug. That is for one, people, not a set.

These are little pieces of artwork from Generate Design. Very cool. Love them. Can't say I love the price - $39 for the small one, $49 for the large one. But, you can't put a price on art (or I guess you can.)
I have had a crush on this cup for sometime - the I'm Not a Paper Cup. This one is at Amazon for $16. And if I buy something else, I get free shipping. See, also saving money on fuel costs by having multiple items shipped at once. Do you think I should ask to be on a Green Team or something? Apparently, I have all the answers.

For my water, I think I need to get this insulated cup from Starbucks. Unfortunately, it is only available in stores but my coworker has it is and it is soooo clever. I love giving back to the economy.

This year I also resolve to try to cook one homemade meal a month. So far, so good. I am half way there. (I never said I had to cook the whole meal at once.) Last night, I started with a frozen chicken breast thing that they sell at Walmart that is stuffed with artichokes and some other veggies and made my own side item that I learned to cook at my cooking class at Sage Culinary Studio. I made Cauliflower Au Gratin (recipe here). Only I made it with broccoli, but seriously, same thing.
I will keep you guys posted on my journey. And I will let you know when I win my award for Tulsa's Greatest Environmentalist.


  1. You crack me up. :) You're the greenest person I know and that's saying somethin'.

    I finally brought D's gigantic Rocklahoma travel mug to work for my water. My guess is that it's exactly 40 oz and not at all meant for water, but whatev.

  2. Love it! If you are serious about the home cookin' thing, I will be happy to pass along some easy recipes to you! Seriously, some are so simple you just add all the ingredients in a pot, place the pot in the oven, and turn it on. Few hours later and voila - a meal. Martha Stewart I'm not, but I can feed the fam!!! I applaud your efforts to go green, but unfortunately I tend to go efficient around here more often than not! (which means grabbing bottled water, paper plates, to go cups, etc. - we generate a scary amount of trash! and I definitely subscribe to the whole disposable diaper thing!!! so worth it!!!) love, Jennifer

  3. loved the post, i laughed alot! now katie one homemade meal a MONTH, come on my friend you have the pw cookbook and blog, you could chef a few nights a week!!! Try her Vodka Pasta (on the blog) delicious and simple! kels

  4. You are so funny!! I would make you look green with my lazy ways. And I love those chicken breasts from Wal-Mart - those with a bag of steamed veggies serve as my "homecooked" meals most sad!! I think you should get some recipes from Mama Mia though...that sounds like my kind of cooking. And of course, post them here for us!


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