Happy New Year!

There has been lots of talk about what I did 10 years ago for new year's. I can tell you it did not involve dressing up my dog like so. (Let's put it this way, 10 years ago I was in college, awoke at 2 a.m. from a "slumber" and was thrilled that we still had power. Ha-remember Y2K?)

Our 2010 New Year's Eve was much more calm than that of my 1999 New Year's. We went to dinner with Ben & Addie at Villa Ravenna, played a little Guitar Hero and Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture edition. I have to say Ben and Addie put on a much better party new year's party than us. However, Tommy was determined to win Trivial Pursuit and made them stay until almost 1 in the morning. He is kind of a sore loser.

As mentioned in my Tardy to the Party post, I was a little late to the game this holiday season. I like to get a little something for my coworkers and just never found the time to do it. So I decided that since my only "craft" ability is flowers, I would make them a bouquet.
First, I started with red roses, red spray roses (mini roses) and alstromeria.

For my boss I wanted to do something with a little bling for NYE. I picked up these picks at Michael's and just placed them on the four edges of the vase (also from Michael's for $5.) I placed the larger roses around the four corners and placed the spray roses in the center.

Just following the edge of the vase, I added more roses until full.

Once all the roses were added, I placed two more of the picks on the left and right of the center flowers and pulled the strings of beads through the vase to stick up between the roses. And I never feel like an arrangement is done without a bow.

For my coworker's arrangement I started off with the alstromeria on the four corners of the vase.

I added roses on the four corners and started to fill in around it.

I added more alstromeria to the center, similar to how I added more picks to the center of the other arrangement. Then I finished off with raffia.

Hope you guys all have a great New Year's day!


  1. Hi, Katie,
    Your arrangements are very beautiful!! You and Tommy look great, and your house looks so good in the background. You are very talented!! Happy New Year!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  2. I'm glad you had a good NYE! I told Addie it was the 1st time, with one exception, I hadn't been with you in years! I had my mom make me some coffee so I was able to stay up until midnight. We played a new game I got for Xmas, Scrabble Slam - can't wait to play it with you guys!
    Megan B.

  3. Back to the roots, right? :)


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