Super Mario World

Tommy and I recently got the new Super Mario for Wii. It brings you back just like Gen X radio. Love it. And as a confession, I have always thought it would be fun if someone created a "live" Super Mario World. Where you run through it, hit little boxes and you get some kind of super power. Can someone make that happen?

Anyway, yesterday on Cake Wrecks she featured some of the coolest Mario cakes. So I thought I would go find some of my own. Well, there is a reason why she just featured a handful. Apparently, people aren't buying many Mario cakes.

However, I did find this cute wedding cake on One Inch Punch.

And you know I love a cupcake. These were featured on the Juicy blog.
Don't you just want to go play the game after seeing this cake from Shock Mansion?

And this one featured on Cake Wrecks is my favorite.

Just so you know, I get unlimited one-ups for this post.


  1. I wonder if I could decorate my future nursery with a Mario and Luigi theme?

  2. Of course, the cupcakes are adorable :)

  3. My husband and I are also obsessed with Super Mario Bros. Wii. I love it because it's a video game we can play together. One of us doesn't have to sit out while the other one plays.

  4. I want to play Super Mario Brothers!


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