Snow Day

So Friday was a little frigid. I was going to go check out what was going on with the Extreme Home Makeover house. But I decided to stay inside. However, there are benefits to having a tv crew on your street. (I can guarantee our streets would never have been swept on a normal day.)

The boys really frolicked.

Look how much fun they are having.

And I got to wear my new snow boots, which are really rain boots that offer no insulation from the snow. But they sure are cute.
I think my house weathered the storm well.
And just for a reference of how much snow/ice we got....these are the icicles on my neighbor's house. I sure don't want to stand under one when it begins to melt.

As far as the Extreme home being built on my street, I talked to security yesterday and he said they were about a day and half behind but he was sure they would catch up. I am going to try to go see the progress with my neighbors today. Tommy is just not that into it, so I am sure the teenage girls and I will have a blast. I will let you guys know when I meet Ty. I think we will be bff.


  1. Love it! Thanks for keeping us updated on the EMHE house on your street - so exciting! I definitely think your property value will increase - your house is adorable, and now you have a "claim to fame" as well!!! And once you and Ty become BFF, you will have a photo for your celebrity wall in your house! So much fun goings-on in Tulsa, I just think the S'port DeFattas are going to have to make a visit there very soon (once those CRAZY icicles disappear - they could maim a small child!)! Have fun and keep us posted! love, Jennifer

  2. I love the snow picture of your house . . . it looks like a beautiful Christmas card scene!!
    Love, Aunt Angie


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