Meet my new niece Olivia

My sister-in-law, Tori, had a baby two weeks ago. I actually haven't met her in person, but I can tell already I am going to love her. Hello, she loves pink. We already have so much in common.
And she is VERY advanced. Look at that smile. At less than two weeks old - she must be a baby genius. (Kid's don't smile that early, right? Clearly, not an expert in this area....)
She is just precious and we are going to have so much fun shopping someday. Since there won't be too much of that in Nebraska, she will just have to come visit Aunt KK. I can show her some stuff.
I have already started buying for her. (It is an illness, really. However, I am not ready for help, so interventions will not work on me. Besides, aren't aunts there to spoil you and buy you fun things? Though, I am sure the last thing she needs right now are four books with her name in them.) My sister had this idea to start her on the Olivia Book Collection. I love it.

Next, I will get her the accompanying piglet. I am sure it will be hidden and regifted to her at her 3rd birthday when she actually "gets" what a stuffed animal is. But that's okay. I am apparently a couple years early with most of my gifts. Funny enough, Max is just now LOVING two gifts we got him last Christmas. I am just that good at gift giving, I can predict what will be popular a year from now.

We do get to meet Baby Liv in person in about a month. So I have some more shopping to do....


  1. What a beautiful name!!! Me and my daughter read that book ALL the time :)

  2. Sweet new niece Katie! Tell your readers to check out my blog today through the weekend...we're doing a giveaway over at Today's Creative Blog...more details at Designing for the Soul...
    Hope you are well!

  3. Oh she's gorgeous! I'm so jealous of your aunt status!!

  4. She's beautiful - congrats! the Olivia book series - we have all 4 books (and I think a Xmas one too!), and Noggin/Nick Jr. TV channel also runs the Olivia TV cartoon show (think Pixar like in style) based on the books too. It's a favorite at the DeFatta household! Good idea for a gift - and please don't tell my kids there is a stuffed doll Olivia...they will each want one!!! love, Jennifer

  5. She is SO cute!!! I love her name and the Olivia books are so fun. Congrats auntie!


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